It is a correct choice to buy Mac Pro!

I usually saw some tutorials in youtube about how to use softwares. There is a high probability that people in the video used Mac to teach how to program. In the past, I feel doubt that why it happened. Last year, in the thanksgiving’s shopping season ($150 off), I decided to buy 13 inch, not too big and heavy, not too small. In the store, it was easy for me to confuse which one to buy, Mac Pro or Mac Air. The employee in the NYU Mac store said price performance ratio was better. She recommended that it was better to buy Mac Air if Mac was my secondary computer. Finally, I made the decision to buy Mac Pro 13 inch because its CPU was better than Mac Air and storage was bigger.

Last week, my experience told me that it is one of the most valuable items purchased last year. I did one problem about kernel smoothing method and used guassian kernel. The training data set was big with over 7000 observations and 56 predictors. All the predictors had to be used to generate guassian kernals for each observation in test data. Then I programmed the process to create guassian kernals. For each test data, it took about 3 minutes to generate the wights. I felt it was too slow then run the same program in Lenovo Thinkpad T420. It cost third times time. One of my classmates used Mac Air to program, she could not know when the program would stop but the same program was run in Mac Pro in several seconds. Big difference!

A computer with faster CPU is very important.

It recalled me the time last semester. A lot of programming were required for bayesian class. Some programs were slow. If I used Mac Pro at that time, less time would be put in my homework and I did not need to stay up every week!