Project: Awesome Checklist Checklist

This project was done in the middle of 100 Days of Web Develpoment challenge.

Github Repo | Project 11: Awesome Checklist Checklist

The site is auto-deployed. Changing will change the site.


  1. The website was published to internet. (2017-12-27 Wednesday)
  2. First pull (2017-12-31 Saturday)
  3. The GitHub repo ranks the 3rd on the GitHub Trend (2017-12-31 Sunday)
  4. Over 1000 stars (2018-01-02 Tuesday)
  5. Over 1500 stars (2018-01-08 Monday)

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2017-12-29 Friday

  • Submit the GitHub link to Hacker News
  • Announce on Twitter

2017-12-30 Saturday

When I waked up this morning, I was astonished at the number of stars on GitHub, over 300. This is the first repo I got over 30 stars. I guess this open source project can be considered as a hit.

During the day, I was so excited and checked the statistics several times per hour.

Around midnight, there are over 500 people who have starred the projects.

I am satisfied: 500 stars in one day.

2017-12-31 Sunday

Awesome Checklist Checklist is ranking No.3 on the GitHub trend today!

2018-01-02 Tuesday

Over 1000 stars!!

2018-01-08 Monday

Over 1500 stars!!

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