Streaming on Twitch

New experience

I learned streaming several years ago and never thought it was related to me. In China, streaming implies that the hosts or hostess are pretty. They have a conversation with the audience.

I am not that pretty and am not good at social skills. It cannot be suitable for me. I tried streaming today becuase of awesome-developer-streams repo on GitHub trend.

I thought it was useful because it can be a way to affect people and show my opinion.

In the afternoon, the only 45-minute video was recorded though I had talked for 2 hours. The reason is that I followed one tutorial video on YouTube to set keyboard short 1 as starting and 2 as ending. I wrote notes during streaming and triggered the shortcut 😢 . There was no one to watch.

In the evening, I streamed for 2 hours for 100 days challenge of web development. Three people talked to me. I had a good and long conversation with MofoSilver. Thank you!

The drawback is that the process of programming is really slow. I cannot find the bug during streaming. After that, I can immediately figure out.

In addition, streaming took me additional time to setup. Downloading and uploading videos to Youtube took time, too. I guess if I want to continue to do that, I should stop talking to people. Just focus on what I do.

2018-01-28 Sunday

I finished my goal today: add internalization for Hexo A-RSnippet theme.

I was streaming while I was coding. Yesterday, I talked along the way. Today I kept quiet and coding. No new followers. It is normal.