How long to write a book?

How long to write a book? No correct answer to this question. My sensibility always admire people who can write the book as quickly as possible because the speed implies that they have high productivity and other abilities. My intellects know my sensibility is wrong. How to marry intellects and sensibility? I do not have answer to this question, either. One thing can be confirmed that good books take time. How long? Several years.

Eric Novik planned to write a book recently, 8 chapter and over 300 pages. He asked Prof. Gelman:

The work seems overwhelming. I always wondered how you manage to produce such high volume of high quality content. What’s the secret?

Prof. Gelman replied in his blog:
The first secret is, I wouldn’t try to write a book in 6 to 8 months. The first edition of Bayesian Data Analysis took several years. Each new edition took awhile too. So if “long and arduous” to you means “6 to 8 months,” I think your time management skills are already much better than mine!

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