Dividend Income Report | January 2019 | $8.55 | -57%

One ETF paid dividend in January.

Dividend Income: $8.55

Stock Cost/Share Div/Share Share Cost 2019 Dividend 2018 Dividend YoY Forward Dividend Rate
VMMXX $\$$1 $\$$0.00189 4,821 $\$$4,821 $\$$8.61 $\$$20.09 -57% 2.1%

Last year, much money was used to set limit buy orders. However, the orders were never executed. Hence, Vanguard automatical put the unused money in the VMMXX and generated monthly dividends. Purchases of stocks of BILI and DBX were made and little money was left in the money market. It led to less dividend in 2019.

Goal Review: 2.5% Completion

Goal for 2019: Earn $\$$343 in dividend income

1 Total Completion ratio
$\$$8.55 $\$$8.55 2.5%

Capital Gain: $29.99

All capital gains were from DBX. Stock markets increased crazily in January. The shares I bought in last December were sold automatically via limit sell.

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