Bertelsmann Data Science Challenge Scholarship Acceptance Letter


2018-04-23 Monday

The deadline shown on the scholarship page was 2018-04-22. I knew it today, one day late.

Recently, the deadline for the first phase of Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship front-end track is closing. I read the forum to see any updates for it. Several students mentioned in the slack channel that there was a scholarship for data science. I was very happy to open the link and was disappointed that the deadline passed.

2018-04-24 Tuesday

Today is the first day of the 2nd phase of Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship front-end track. There was a new slack forum. One student said today was the deadline to apply for Bertelsmann Data Science Challenge Scholarship. I replied to him with doubt. He said the deadline was extended and I would see it if I clicked to see the application form. I did immediately and finished application within 30 minutes.

2018-05-02 Wednesday

The acceptance letter was in the Gmail inbox. I did not open it until I saw one tweet to remind that today is the result day. It made my day! Since the beginning of 2018, three things made me happy. 😆

  1. Awesome Checklist Checklist project got over 1500 stars. (2018-01-08)

  2. I got the acceptance letter from Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship. (2018-01-10)

    I did not expect that Udacity would give me scholarship because they rejected me once in the middle of last year (2017). Google sponsored Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship whose deadline was June 9, 2017. I encouraged my roommate to apply for the scholarship. Both of us were rejected. 😢

    It never hurts to try applying again. It is my day! 🌈☀️

  3. I got the acceptance letter from Data Science Scholarship Program Powered by Bertelsmann. (2018-05-02)

    I knew and applied for the scholarship very late. It is not hurt to give a try.

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