Project: Awesome Shiny Apps for Statistics

This project was done in the middle of 100 Days of Web Develpoment challenge.

Github Repo | Project 9: Awesome Shiny Apps for Statistics

Yesterday’s night, I suddenly had an idea to make a GitHub awesome list of Shiny Apps. The apps are specific for learning statistics, not showing results from data analysis. It is better if there will be a website automatically generated from file from the GitHub repo, then the effort to keep the website and being same will be zero. Usually, people contribute to an awesome list by editing It is the owner’s responsibility of the GitHub repo to sync between GitHub and the website.

How to sync automatically is the most difficult part for me. My blog is using Netlify to automatically deploy. I need to learn one templating engine to combine data in and templates created by a templating engine by Netlify. I started to learning Go on the YouTube. I realized that Go was a completely new language and if I wanted to use it, I had to learn a lof things. Then I recalled Front-End-Checklist using gulp. Initially, I thought gulp was a template engine. After reading one tutorial, I knew it was not and can use it to create a web page without styling through gulp-markdown. gulp-rename is used to change the filename from to, then gulp-markdown generated index.html. The HTML codes inside index.html do not contain head and body elements. It turns out to be an advantage. gulp-wrapper adds head and body elements before and after the codes. The resulting website was successfully deployed by Nelify. I achieved to sync between and the website.

Today, I spent time in changing the website style and gathered Shiny apps.

I worked more than 10 hours today. I am satisfied with the result. One thing needed to improve in the future is the styling of the site.


  • The website was published to internet. (2017-12-25 Monday)
  • Receiving the first feedback that a teacher plans to use the list in his class (2017/12/28 Thursday)
  • Receiving the first feedback that a teacher is using/used the list in his

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2017-12-26 Tuesday

After one day of publishing, some numbers

  • GitHub

    • 16 stars
    • 3 forks
    • 3 watchers
  • Twitter

    • 31 ReTweeted

This is the first for me to get over 10 stars on GitHub and the first to get over 10 likes and retweets on Twitter. I am happy that people like the idea of the project.

2017-12-28 Thursday

I got positive feedback from mo_feezy on Reddit:

Hi, cool resource. I won’t be teaching stats until next fall, but this will be handy.

One milestone is achieved: Receiving the first feedback that a teacher plans to use the list in his class

My initial goal is to have a mature list before next Spring semester when teachers can use it as a reference. But the majority of basic statistics are not covered by Shiny Apps in the list. I hope it will mature before next fall.

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