100 Days Of Reading Paper (Round 1)

The supporting project is 100 Days Of Code Round 1 (R, data analysis)

Main Commitment: I will read paper for at least an hour every day for the next 100 days.

Start Date: 2017-12-18

Reference: How to effectively scope your software projects from planning to execution


  1. I will read paper for at least an hour every day.
  2. I will tweet my progress every day, with the hashtag #100DaysOfReadingPaper and note which day of the challenge I’m on.
  3. I will track my progress here and push to GitHub.
  4. If I read as part of my job, I will count that time towards the challenge.
  5. I will only skip a day if something important comes up. And when I resume, I won’t count the day I skipped as one of my 100 days.

Some important additional considerations

  • Don’t skip two days in a row, and try not to skip more than 1 day in 2 weeks.

Template for Log

### Day :
**Paper: []()**

**Today's Progress (achievements and frustrations)**:

**Thoughts and Emotions**

**Tomorrow's plan**



  1. 1 Day (Day 1: 2017-12-18 Monday )
  2. 7 Days
  3. 30 Days
  4. 60 Days
  5. 90 Days
  6. 100 Days


Day 1: 2017-12-18 Monday

Paper: Adaptive design methods in clinical trials – a review

Today’s Progress (achievements and frustrations):

  • Started reading paper: Adaptive design methods in clinical trials – a review
  • Created powerpoint to represent the paper in tomorrow’s seminar

Thoughts and Emotions

I delayed this challenge for at least two weeks. 😭 It was my initial motivation to start 100 Days Challenge. Because of procrastination, I started other 3 challenges 😂

And restarted writing in this blog which was abandoned in 2014. Three years have passed. Time flies! During three year, I posted only two posts this February.

Thank you for 100 Days Challenge project. I found the way to use the blog with joy. Writing blog posts were suffering, but it is fun to use it to track progress. I add new contents every day even if no new posts are created except 4 posts about challenges. Besides, it helps me practice English writing (I am Chinese).

Back to paper, it is a pain to read paper. However, I found myself enjoy creating powerpoints. Better, I copied the small section of paper into note part of slides then read it. This decreases stress to read a paper over 10 pages.

Day 2: 2018-01-06

Paper: Relaxed Lasso by Nicolai Meinshausen

Today’s Progress (achievements and frustrations):

  • Started to read paper again. 😂

Thoughts and Emotions

I did an experiment. If I begin to do things that have the highest resistance, will I achieve more? Will the stress level go down? Will I be happier?

Reading paper is on the top list. Then I did it. I feel a little bit relief. But I postponed it to 5 p.m., and this means I will achieve less than yesterday. Completing less can increase stress level, too. Is there a balance.

Tomorrow’s plan

  • Read “Relaxed Lasso”

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