100 Days Of Japanese (Round 2)

Main Commitment: I will recite Japanese words with Anki to increase Japanese vocabulary.

Start Date: 2018-09-05


I finished the first round of 100 days of Japanese chanllenge on 2018-09-03.

I get used to using Anki to reivew old words and memorize new words. Recently, I input all Japanese words in Genki books into Anki. I hope I can finish all of them.


  1. I will review at least 100 Japanese cards in Anki every day. The words are from Genki books and core 10k words. One word has more than 5 cards. One hundred cards are not equal to 100 unique words.
  2. I will tweet my progress every day, with the hashtag #100DaysOfJapanese and note which day of the challenge I’m on.
  3. I will encourage and support at least two people each day in the #Anki #Japanese challenge on Twitter. I can read at most 5 tweets about #Anki #Japanese each day. Less is more. Don’t spend more than enough time on the social networking website.

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  4. I will track my progress here and push to GitHub.
  5. I will only skip a day if something important comes up. And when I resume, I won’t count the day I skipped as one of my 100 days.


  1. 1 Day (Day 1: 2018-09-05 Wednesday)
  2. 7 Days
  3. 30 Days
  4. 60 Days
  5. 90 Days
  6. 100 Days

Some important additional considerations

  • Don’t skip two days in a row, and try not to skip more than 1 day in 2 weeks.

Template for Log

### Day :
**No. of Anki Cards**:

**Time spent**:

**Thoughts and Emotions:**



Day 1: 2018-09-05 Wednesday

No. of Anki Cards: 365

Time spent: 32 minutes

Day 2: 2018-09-09 Sunday

No. of Anki Cards: 678

Time spent: 59 minutes

Thoughts and Emotions:

Review + new cards

I did not finis today’s Review.

I finished inputting all words in Genki book into Anki.

Day 3: 2018-09-10 Monday

No. of Anki Cards: 682

Time spent: 61 minutes

Thoughts and Emotions:

Review + new cards

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