100 Days Of Helping Students in Udacity Forum [Dumped]

Main Commitment: I will answer at least 5 questions in Udacity forum for Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship every day. (web development track)

Start Date: 2018-01-11


I received the acceptance letter of Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship (web development track), Phase I. The scholarship has two phases. The criteria to be selected for Phase II:

  1. Complete the course before April 11
  2. Be Active in the Udacity forum or slack

I will be committed to completing the course. However, I cannot be active in the forum or any social media channel for a long time because of introversion.

I got the following information on #AMA of slack.

Q: How are you keeping track of our Slack usage in regards to moving on to the second scholarship? I know you can track our forum posts, but not sure how you can accurately measure Slack usage?

A: We’ll be focusing on quality of your contributions and looking for leadership in the community. To be clear, leadership doesn’t just mean being the expert and answering questions. It also means taking the plunge as a beginner, putting yourself out here in the community, and really embracing this as an opportunity to learn and get support. We see that as leadership as well! In terms of Slack, we’re in here every single day participating with you for the next 3 months. We’ll be tracking participation and leadership through a variety of metrics.

I hate the idea of “leadership”. I don’t want to be led by anyone. I will be responsible for my own study.

How to thrive as an introvert in an extroverted work environment? My solution is to at least answer 5 questions in the forum every day and to record the progress here, then close the browser for the rest of the day.

  • I tend to overdo things. The restriction helps me not consume more energy and time than needed in the social networking websites.
  • We will see people learn faster when reading the forum. It will increase pressure. If we read the forum every day for a long time, the pressure will accumulate little by little until defeating us. Restricting the access to the forum will keep the stress level to be manageable.
  • If I finish the course, complete the challenge, and do not receive the Phase II scholarship in the end, I will not blame myself for not working harder.

Updates: Projects will not be graded. But this is my goal of learning. I am considering whether I should work hard for round 2.


  1. I will answer at least 5 questions in Udacity forum for Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship. (web development track) every day
  2. I will track my progress here and push to GitHub.
  3. I will only skip a day if something important comes up. And when I resume, I won’t count the day I skipped as one of my 100 days.
  4. The most important goal is to complete the course. Less is more. Don’t spend more than enough time on the social networking website (forum, slack, and Twitter).

Some important additional considerations

  • Don’t skip two days in a row, and try not to skip more than 1 day in 2 weeks.


  1. 1 Day: 2018-01-11 Thursday
  2. 7 Days
  3. 30 Days
  4. 60 Days
  5. 90 Days
  6. 100 Days

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### Day :

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**Today's Progress (achievements and frustrations)**:


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Day 1: 2018-01-11 Thursday

Link: Post

Today’s Progress (achievements and frustrations):

  1. Q: feedback on Project Mockup to Article

    * <https://codepen.io/moshiko88s/pen/zpjWey?editors=1000>
    * <https://codepen.io/elicedx/pen/Qarrjm>

    A: Both of your projects look great.

  2. Q: Hi everyone, this is probably a silly question but when I type< button> Click Me! < /button> (I did it without spaces and it worked for my quiz but not on the browser, I just don’t know how to paste as plain text here. Sorry!) into my browser it does not actually show me a button. I feel like I am missing something in the beginning but I don’t know what it is. Can anyone help?

    A: How about using different browsers?
    It is good to install multiple browsers on the computer. Then you will know which one has the error, code or browser specific

Thoughts and Emotions:

Tomorrow’s plan


This is the first 100-Day challenge I gave up.

The expected time to be spent on the Udacity forum and slack will be enormous to be enrolled in the Round 2 scholarship. I dislike spending time this way. It means I give up pursing Round 2 scholarship.

Thanks to my roommate. She helped me make the decision. It is tough to give up.

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